To My Readers

In the economic crisis we are facing, people across America should have true meaning to read more books of all kind, to refresh your thoughts, reshape your thinking, and put love into your hearts again for your loved ones and daily activities.

The books the Author Beverly Cardozo has written have given her faith and hope to believe that life is wonderful, by bringing laughter and love in people’s home when reading her books.
Do not take life so seriously, reading Dear Mr. President is about the questions she asked the leader of this great country, some of which is on a more serious tone, humorous and honest, reminding him of the changes he promised the American people.

Her novels are for people who needs excitement, laughter and sexual contact in their lives again, to learn to love each other always, instead of looking somewhere else, love the one you with.

A self-help book, an engaging fiction, and a commentary awaits you in author Beverly Cardozo’s book collection!


Attain your goal, take charge, and take back your prosperity as you find inspiration in Dear Mr. President Believe.

The second edition of Dear Mr. President, this book will motivate you and help you overcome fear and adversity during these challenging times.

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Dear Mr. President: His Uncertainty of Leadership and His Love for His Family

The Bush administration left America in a state of economic recession. Today, President Barack Obama is trying to restore America by promising “change.”

As a citizen of this nation, Cardozo has something to say. Join her as she addresses the president of a struggling country, as well as its people in Dear Mr. President: His Uncertainty of Leadership and His Love for His Family.

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Prisoner of Time Share
Lies, Sex and Murder

Behind the doors of some of the beautiful resorts are people looking for a more fulfilling life, some of which are lies, sex, and murders.  But if people think they can just get away with it, they thought wrong. 

Be captivated in Cardozo’s intriguing fiction, Prisoner of Time Share.

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The Pitfalls of Timeshare

Learn about the ways of competing within the Time-Share industry.

If you want to spend your money wisely and efficiently, no one should tell you how. No one can limit your growth but you. The next presentation you attend, let no one persuade you to own a time-share if it’s not for you. Learn all of this in The Pitfalls of Timeshare.

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